Oxygen Cannulas

Oxygen Cannulas
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  • Hudson RCI™ Dual Lumen Conserving Device Cannulas
    Dual Lumen Conserving Device Cannula  The Hudson RCI oxygen conserving cannula incorporates a patented "split prong" nose design and two oxygen supply tubes with standard connectors. This design provides the utmost control and comfort in synchronizing breathing with oxygen conserving regulat..
  • Hudson RCI™ Elastic Head Strap Cannulas
    Part # 1100 - Adult Cannula with Non-Flared Nasal Tips  * Soft, transparent vinyl  * Adjustable elastic band for comfortable, snug fit below the ears  * Includes 7 feet oxygen supply tubing  * Individually packaged, 50 per case  Part # 1101 - Pediatric Cannula with No..
  • Hudson RCI™ Over-The-Ear Cannulas
    Over-the-Ear Cannulas  The popular Hudson RCI over-the-ear style cannula which has set the industry standard for decades is cost effective and offered in a wide range of configurations.  * Flexible, contoured lip tab provides a high level of patient comfort  * Over-the-ear design..
  • Hudson RCI™ Softech Cannulas
    SOFTECH Cannulas  The Hudson RCI SOFTECH nasal cannula is produced by a special manufacturing process to create an exceptionally soft cannula.  * Over-the-ear design provides a comfortable and secure fit  * Available with standard or universal connector and STAR LUMEN or standard..