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  • Hudson RCI™ AQUA+® HCHs
    AQUA+® HCHs  Hudson RCI offers a complete selection of disposable hygroscopic condenser humifiers (HCH) to meet the clinical needs of patients from neonates to adults. The AQUA+ HCH incorporates the lastest advances in material technology to provide humidifiers with optimal moisture output, mi..
  • Hudson RCI™ AQUAPAK Humidifier
    Part # 003-40 - AQUAPAK Kit  * 340 mL Sterile Water  * 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor  * Individually packaged 20 per case ..
  • Hudson RCI™ Bacterial & Viral Filter
    Main Flow Bacterial / Viral Filter  * 22mm I.D. x 15mm I.D./22mm O.D.  * Bacterial filtration efficiency: 99.999+%  * Viral filtration efficiency: 99.99+%  * Dead space: 42mL  * Flow resistance: approximately 1.5 cmH2O at 60 LPM  * Individually packaged, 50 per ..
  • Hudson RCI™ CONCHATHERM 2000 Chambers
    CONCHATHERM 2000  The ConchaTherm 2000 System is designed to provide optimal humidification during mask CPAP and non-invasive ventilation.  * Features adjustable heater control, heater-on and power-on indicators  * Easy to use, easy to assemble system is user configurable  ..
  • Hudson RCI™ Disposable Humidifiers
    Disposable Humidifiers  * Disposable, durable plastic  * Unique diffuser designed to provide patient with comfortable, therapeutic humidity and minimal noise  * Defined maximum and minimum water level lines  * Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off outlet connect..
    HUMID-VENT  The Gibeck HUMID-VENT heat and moisture exchangers, also called hygroscopic condensing humidifiers, offer a wide range of performance capabilities and configuration options to meet the unique needs of both anesthesia and respiratory care.  The HUMID-VENT hygroscopic, bact..
  • Hudson RCI™ In-Line Neb Tee with Valve
    In-Line Neb Tee with Valve  * 22mm O.D. X 18mm I.D. X 22mm I.D. connections  * Port accepts most small volume nebulizers  * Allows tee to be left in-line when nebulizer is removed  * Packaged 30 per case ..
  • Hudson RCI™ ISO-GARD HEPA Light Filters and Filter HMEs
    ISO-GARD HEPA Light Filters and Filter HMEs  * Advanced, highly hydrophobic bacterial/viral filter - HEPA Class 13  * Suitable for use as an HME  * For use on pediatric to adult patients  * Bacterial/viral filtration efficiency: 99.9999+%  * Part # 28012 has 22mm I.D...
  • Hudson RCI™ Reusable Humidifier
    ITEM DISCONTINUED. LAST INVENTORY SOLD 9/22/2014. SUBSTITUES ARE: 3230 4 PSI, 3260 6 PSI. WE RECOMMEND 3260. Part # 3100 - Reusable Humidifier  * Designed for long-lasting use and easy disassembly for cleaning  * Specially treated connectors for maximum durability  * Disti..
  • Hudson RCI™ TRACH-VENT®
    Part # 41312 - TRACH-VENT+  The new TRACH-VENT+ is designed to provide the same comfort and humidification as the original TRACH-VENT. With added features to simplify trach care, for the spontaneously breathing patient.  * Weighs only 6.5 grams  * Includes convenient suction port..