PRO-SPORTS EMS Spineboard with pins

Brand: Rapid Deployment Products
Product Code: 800PSE-P
In Stock
Price: $545.00
The Pro Sports EMS Spineboard was specifically designed by Rapid Deployment Products Inc., the manufacturers of the Pro-Lite Spineboard line to accommodate today’s larger athletes. Athletes in the past have been placed on smaller, 6’ long 16" wide backboards with marginal weight capacity. This compromises c-spine due to flexing and/or the lower extremities extending past the end of the board.

This new larger sized, I-beam reinforced spineboard features oversized off-set speed clip connection hand holds, and is 100% x-ray transparent between the hand holds.The Pro Sports EMS has a true 1000 lbs weight capacity which will be a must have in all types of sports arenas. The Pro Sports EMS Board measures in at a 7’ length and 20” width but weighs only 21 lbs! This makes the Pro Sports EMS board the strongest, lightest sports spineboard available on the market and it's Made in the USA!
  • Pro Sports EMS - 1000 lb. single patient weight capacity
  • Pro Sports EMS - Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Pro-Lite EMS Spineboard - Size: 84” x 20” x 2”
  • Pro-Lite EMS Spineboard - 14 Large - 2” x 7 1/2” hand holes
  • Pro-Lite EMS Backboard - Tapers from 20” to 18” at foot end
  • Pro-Lite Athelete Spineboard - Center leg opening for the option to secure legs individually
  • Pro-Lite Athelete Spineboard - 100% X-Ray translucent between the hand holds
  • Pro Sports EMS Spineboard - Seamless design to prevent cross-contamination
  • Pro Sports EMS Backboard - Designed to accommodate athletes in full gear

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