Universal Head Immobilizer

Brand: Rapid Deployment Products
Product Code: 717HIO-Base , 717HIO-PIL , 717HIO-HC
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The Pro Lite® Universal Head Immobilizer fits all concave and flat spineboards. The lack of metal parts makes it X-Ray translucent and MRI/CT scanning safe.

The poly-dipped vinyl coating is waterproof and cleans and disinfects easily. The vinyl deflects bio-hazards and prevents bacterial growth. Extra large pillows provide stability and head immobilization. The pillows have large ear holes to aid in monitoring patient’s blood loss or fluid drainage.

The Pro Lite® Universal Head Immobilizer comes with two reusable straps for the head and chin. The straps conform to patient’s head and will not stick to the forehead or eyebrows. Extra strong D-rings and attached Velcro straps hold the head immobilizer in place.

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