PRO-LITE Head Immobilizer

Brand: Rapid Deployment Products
Product Code: 716HI
In Stock
Price: $181.50

Designed to be used with the PRO-LITE Backboard. Closed cell foam construction of the pillows and straps provides excellent support and comfort to patient. Plastic coating is waterproof and cleans and disinfects easily. The Base Plate is made of a High Density Molded Plastic that is impervious to all fluids. 

Simply Snap the Base Plate at the top of the PRO-LITE Backboard by aligning the three nodes with the corresponding holes on the Backboard; place the palm of your hand on the Base Plate Velcro and squeeze the side nodes through the holes on the Backboard until they snap in place. Finally, insert the top node into the hole. 

The Head Immobilizer may be stored while attached to the backboard. The Head Immobilizer pillows have large ear holes to aid in monitoring the patient's blood loss or fluid drainage. No metal parts are used in any of the components. 

The unique snap on - snap off feature prevents loss or movement during street or aquatic procedures. All components are buoyant, making it ideal for water rescue.

• Weight: 2 lbs.

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