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  • Hudson RCI™ CLEAR COMFORT® Face Masks
    CLEAR COMFORT® Face Masks  Air cushion face masks which incorporate a flexible dome to ensure maximum patient comfort and a gas-tight, low pressure seal.  * Available in six sizes to accommodate a full range of patients  * 22mm color-coded retaining rings are removable for hand-h..
  • Hudson RCI™ Hyperinflation Bags
    Hyperinflation Bags  The Hudson RCI Hyperinflation Bag System is designed to provide controlled or assisted ventilation to neonatal and pediatric patients in NICU, labor and delivery or during patient transport.  * High quality, durable bag allows clinicians to feel the patient's lung ..
  • Hudson RCI™ LIFESAVER® Isolation Kits
    LIFESAVER® Isolation Kits  Hudson RCI LIFESAVER Isolation Kits prevent mouth-to-mouth contact during resuscitation. The disposable isolation valve directs rescuer breath to the patient while diverting exhalation away from rescuer.  * Low-resistance duckbill valve minimizes rescuer fati..
  • Hudson RCI™ Mask Harness
    Universal Mask Harness*  * One size fits all  * Single patient use  * Individually packaged, 50 per case ..
  • Hudson RCI™ Replacement Resuscitator Masks
    Reusable Resuscitators  * Reusable Resuscitator Bag Masks feature silicone construction  * Larger Masks include clear rigid shell  * All components completely autoclavable  * 100% Latex-Free ..
  • Hudson RCI™ Reusable Manual Resuscitation Bags
    Reusable Manual Resuscitation Bags  LIFESAVER® Reusable Manual Resuscitators are designed to meet ISO and ASTM standards.  * Easy to assemble and completely disassemble for cleaning and reuse  * Autoclavable (except reservoir bag)  * Collapsible for convenient, compact stor..
  • Hudson RCI™ SURE SEAL® Masks
    SURE SEAL® Masks  Air cushion face masks which incorporate specially designed nose area and comfortable, gas-tight, low pressure seal.  * Color-coded retaining rings are removable for hand-held procedures  * Available with optional inflation port for customized fit and comfort&nb..