AeroNeb Go™ w/ Battery Pack

Brand: Cramer Decker Medical
Product Code: NEB7000
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Price: $174.95

Aeroneb Go - an electronic micropump nebulizer providing efficient therapy for everyday use,
anywhere. Aeroneb Go sets a new standard for home nebulizer therapy using Aerogen OnQ™ Aerosol
Generator, the same trusted technology used in hospitals worldwide. Unlike conventional nebulizers,
Aeroneb Go operates silently and delivers rapid, efficient aerosol treatments wherever and whenever
needed. Whether at home, at school or at work, patients can feel secure knowing that their mobile
nebulizer is close by when they need it most.

OnQ aerosolizes efficiently, leaving virtually no residual liquid, and operates without using propellants or
generating heat, thereby preserving a drug's molecular integrity. OnQ works with most pre-existing
liquid formulations and can be customized for an individual therapeutic application by adjusting the
particle size: a 3-4 micron particle size targets the lungs broadly for respiratory therapy, and a 1-2
micron particle size targets the deep lung for systemic delivery. Combined, these advantages make
OnQ ideal for delivery of a broad range of drugs including small molecules, proteins, peptides and
liposome-based therapies.

The Aeroneb Go, for use with patients of all ages (infant through adult), aerosolizes
physician-prescribed solutions for inhalation that are approved for use with a general-purpose nebulizer.
It is simple to operate, works with either an AC wall controller or a battery pack, can be cleaned with
soap and water, and disinfected (if desired).

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