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The Gibeck HUMID-VENT heat and moisture exchangers, also called hygroscopic condensing humidifiers, offer a wide range of performance capabilities and configuration options to meet the unique needs of both anesthesia and respiratory care. 

The HUMID-VENT hygroscopic, bacteriostatic, microwell paper media provides optimal moisture output with low resistance to flow. Many configuration options allow the clinician to choose the product best suited to patient size, tidal volume, and humidification needs. Filtered units provide bi-directional filtration with bacterial/viral efficiency up to 99.9999%, offering cross-contamination protection for patients and equipment. 


Designed specifically for neonatal patients. 

* Standard 15mm I.D. X 15mm O.D. connector 
* Provides over 30 mgH2O/L @ Vt 20mL 
* Only 2.4 mLs of added dead space 
* Only available sterile 


With over 25 years of proven clinical experience, the HUMID-VENT 1 is the original, single use, in-line HME. With two versions to choose from, straight with or with out CO2 ports. 

* Recommended for tidal volumes between 50mL and 600mL 
* Offers low resistance to flow 
* Individually packaged 

Part # 11112 and 11132 - HUMID-VENT 2 

The HUMID VENT 2 is designed in both angled straight and flex tube versions for use in intensive care and anesthesia applications. 

* Recommended for tidal volumes between 150mL and 1500mL 
* Transparent housing provides excellent visibility 
* Very low resistance to flow 
* HUMID-VENT 2S Flex also available sterile for head and neck surgeries 
* HUMID-VENT 2S Flex configuration include permanently attached 15mm I.D. SMOOTH-FLO® tube with rigid patient connector 
* Individually packaged


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